People in east Macon have waited several years to see improvements made to Jeffersonville Road, but the wait is almost over.

Bibb County has finalized their plans, and they are just looking for a group to do the work.

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Macon's Jeffersonville Road may only have two lanes, but between all the cars and 18-wheelers, Davarius Curry says it looks like a highway.

“You wouldn’t think on a small street like this that they could even be able to come through, but they do and they sort of damage the road and it’s been that way for years,” said Curry.

Curry and his sister, Frantoryah Boston, have lived off the road for over 15 years.

Both say over time the road has fallen apart, and they are ready to see some improvements.

“Cars like coming around each other, and I guess the traffic be moving too slow for the cars and there be a lot of people getting hit by cars out here,” said Boston.

They say they were both excited when they heard the county is ready to pick a company to handle the construction.

“It’s in pretty bad physical condition, so this will mostly be replacing the road that’s there,” said director of Bibb County engineering, David Fortson.

Between designing the improvements and acquiring right of way, Fortson says it has taken several years to get to this point.

“[It’s] primarily going to be a five-lane road. It’s going to run from Emery Highway all the way to Recreation Road. Then it’ll go up to Millerfield Road to where it’ll tie into the part of the road where it was formally completed,” said Fortson.

Fortson says the plan also includes adding sidewalks and new traffic signals.

Even though these changes mean Boston and Curry will lose a few feet of yard space, they both agree this will make it easier and safer for pedestrians and drivers in the area.

Fortson says once they select a company, it will take about three years to complete the improvements.