Sidewalks are coming to parts of Macon's Hollingsworth Road in an effort to make the area safer.

Bibb Commissioners approved adding a sidewalk on Hollingsworth Road between Log Cabin Drive and Robinson Road.

Marcus Thomas says he depends on his bike to get around, but he says there is one issue.

“That a car’s going to hit us because we have no sidewalk,” said Thomas.

Thomas lives off of Hollingsworth Road and says whenever he leaves his house, he is forced to ride his bike in the street.

“There be cars; flying cars. They be coming really fast,” said Thomas.

Thomas says having no sidewalks can be really dangerous. He says he has gotten close to getting hit by a car.

“There was a car coming from this way and one coming from this way and there were no sidewalks, so I couldn’t move,” said Thomas.

Christopher Fields also lives off the part of Hollingsworth Road that does not have sidewalks.

“At night, cars be flying. I could be on my bike and I won’t even hear the car coming until I turn around. Then when I see that car zoom right past, I have to get in the other lane where a car isn’t coming. It’s pretty dangerous at night,” said Fields.

Bibb Commissioner Al Tillman says a lot of kids use Hollingsworth Road to get to Filmore Thomas Park and New Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church.

“Finally, we've been able to acquire the funding from the 2018 SPLOST to be able to add sidewalks,” said Tillman.

Tillman says they are using more than $280,000 to add the sidewalks and that engineers are creating plans for the sidewalk right now.