When it comes to driving on Macon-Bibb’s roadways, commissioners are aware of the traffic violations. Commissioner Joe Allen admits to a few himself. “They have signs up where right-hand turns. They tell you no right turn on red and they do it all time. I've even done it myself at times,” said Allen.

A new camera system could have people answering to the sheriff's office or the courts.

“From a proof standpoint and a law enforcement standpoint, that's invaluable,” said Solicitor General Rebecca Grist.

Grist says when it comes to speeding or red light violations, cameras could be great evidence.

Sheriff David Davis argues another set of cameras for surveillance could cut down on crime. “The one thing about the surveillance cameras is that there is no money to be made off of them. That's money the county would have to put out,” said Davis.

Grist says the video from the surveillance cameras could be used in civil cases.

Mayor Robert Reichert says Georgia Power might help fund the project. “Let’s see if Georgia Power comes down and they could do either or both,” said Reichert.

Commissioner Joe Allen struggled with the potential cost, but says from his days as a firefighter, he knows what it's like to be called to a wreck.

“There were kids paralyzed because of speeding. We don't have the things like we do now,” said Allen.

Allen says if these cameras save one life, the cost would be worth it.