Bibb County officials are talking about how to get more trash collected and get it picked up quicker. The company that has the county’s trash contract say they’re willing to collect more for a price.

Brandon Chapman has lived in Macon for 10 years and he says he's still surprised he had to pay $300 for trash pickup. “I think it's a lot, you know? I think it should be reduced. So it is what it is, so we have to pay it,” said Chapman.

While he hasn't had any problems, others have reported problems with trash pickup throughout the county. The Ronald McDonald House in Macon reports that they have a recycling missed pickup and an employee she says that the recycling hasn't been picked up in about 6 weeks.

Commissioner Elaine Lucas says she gets calls from people all of the time complaining about trash collection. She says Bibb County commissioners are trying to do something about it. At Tuesday’s commission meeting, Advanced Disposal's owner, Jared Lovett, submitted a proposal to increase their current services to include bulky waste. An additional $3 from your garbage fee would go to advanced disposal instead of the county.

Lucas has a proposal of her own, letting the county take back the whole program. “We have to go back to in house garbage collection and I think it’s foolish to maintain a position when it isn't work,” said Lucas.

“Some services can and probably should be outsourced and privatized. Trash collection is one of them,” said Lucas.

Mayor Robert Reichert disagrees. He is in favor of Lovett's new proposal and working to educate people on how to use Advanced Disposal's current services. “Perfection is something that is impossible to achieve especially when they are 45,000 stops to make,” said Reichert.

Advanced Disposal reports about 17,000 stops and 23 complaints on average each day. Lucas says she hears them all loud and clear.

If commissioners were to return to a county-run trash collection system, they would need to hire close to 100 new employees, 22 new collection trucks, as well as new trash bins for the entire county. The solid waste department is working on a proposal to see how much that would cost the county.