Bibb commissioners approved about $15 million on Wednesday to fund outside agencies that had been previously cut.

While protestors carried on outside, plenty of people signed up to have their voice heard at the commission meeting.

Many people who showed up were concerned that if libraries, parks and public transportation remained unfunded that it could spell disaster for the city.

Commissioners raised their hands for amendments to the bare-bones interim budget that was passed last week.

They approved more than $15 million for funding towards programs cut in the last budget, such as transportation, libraries, and parks and recreation, which will result in an increase of four mills.

One thing that did not pass was funding to Navicent Health.

New District 1 commissioner Valerie Wynn voted no to every amendment on the table.

“Our city balance fund is down to $4 million. You know we were very close to having to dip into that again and we were already too low,” said Wynn.

Meanwhile, other commissioners say that refunding these outside agencies is important to keeping the city going.

“I’m ecstatic about it, those were good decisions,” said Virgil Watkins.

Watkins, the chairman of the operations and finance committee, says in the next month, commissioners will work to find solutions to the budget like a pensions contribution plan that could restore $2.5 million to the general fund.

He says what was passed Tuesday puts the county well on their way to a final plan.

Commissioners voted to approve funding for libraries, Macon Transit Authority, River Edge Behavioral Health, and Parks and Recreation.

  • $7.8 million for Parks and Recreation, costing a 1.83 mill increase
  • $2.316 million for the transit authority and paratransit, costing a .57 mill increase
  • $2.8 million to fund public libraries, costing a .68 mill increase
  • $1.083 million in funds for River Edge Behavioral Health, costing a .26 mill increase
  • $800,000 to fund Division of Family and Children Services, costing a .2 mill increase
  • $100,000 to fund the Douglass Theatre
  • $470,000 to fund Museum of Arts and Sciences, the Tubman Museum, Macon Arts Alliance, Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, and Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful
  • $4,500 for Citizens Advocacy, $35k for Meals on Wheels, & $15,400 for Food Bank

Commissioners also voted not to fund the Medical Center, Navicent Health.