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Bibb commissioners, Board of Elections sued over District 1 special election

The lawsuit seeks to hold the special election in May, rather than November.

Bibb County school board member Daryl Morton is suing the county for not holding a special election in May for the open District 1 commission seat.

This comes after the Board of Elections voted 3-1 on Friday to hold the election in November, rather than in May.

At least two dozen people stood on the steps of the Bibb County courthouse Monday morning to show their support for Morton’s lawsuit.

The District 1 seat opened in March when Gary Bechtel resigned to run for state representative Allen Peake’s seat.

Morton says everybody has the right to be represented especially when the county is getting ready to vote on a budget that could include raising property taxes.

Morton’s lawyer Jerry Lumley says people’s rights are not worth the county trying to save money.

“There are 10,000 registered voters or so in District 1. Essentially what the Board of Elections has looked at would basically be $2 to vote. The Board of Elections is saying the right to vote is not worth $2, well I beg to differ,” said Lumley.

There will be a hearing next Monday on this case at 9 a.m. at the Bibb County courthouse.