Teeing off at Bowden Golf Course could look very different a year from now.

Wednesda, Bibb County could vote on tapping into $20,000 of 2017 SPLOST funds to renovate the historic course.

Lee James says he plays the course every single day.

“It’s the competitiveness. It’s the challenge. My buddy got me into it, and I have to get good enough to beat him,” says James.

He says he picked up the game just a year ago and has not stopped since.

“I love the course. I just think it's a wonderful atmosphere. I've met a lot of great people out here,” says James.

James says Bowden Golf Course is a great course to learn on, but he says some areas are rough.

“It could definitely be better. The greens could be rolled. The greens could be cut a little more often,” says James.

But the manager of the historic course, Brandon Dole, says they are shooting for just that.

“We have to do some considerable work to the tees, greens, and bunkers just to update,” says Dole.

Thanks to Bibb County SPLOST funds, Dole says the course could see $20,000 worth of renovations.

“Trying to create a place that's comparable to any other golf course in the area,” says Dole.

Frank Taylor has played at Bowden for over a decade, and he says this could help increase memberships.

“If you have good greens, you're going to score well, and I’d like to see that $20,000 go into our greens out here. That would really improve our golf course,” says Taylor, improvements that James says could make Bowden an ace.

“I think it’ll make a big difference,” says James.

Bibb Commissioners could vote on a resolution to make these changes on Wednesday.