MACON, Ga. — Gail Metcalf enjoys living lakeside.

"Lake Tobesofkee is a jewel in Macon," said Metcalf. 

She says her grandchildren love spending time at the lake and at Sandy Beach Water Park.

"Whenever they're here, which is as much as possible, we run up to the water park and spend an a hour there," said Metcalf. 

She's been an annual pass-holder -- until this year, when the water park closed and was put up for sale.

"It breaks my heart to see it not being used. It's a beautiful park," said Metcalf. 

A company owned by businessman Jeff Franklin opened the park in 2015. Two years later, the bank that loaned him money for the project took it back.

The park never opened this summer and Bibb County sent Franklin a letter in August.

The letter says he had defaulted on their lease of county property at Lake Tobesofkee and the county could pursue other remedies.

In the meantime, the county is now responsible for maintaining the abandoned park. 

County commissioners will vote on a proposal this week that would have them spend more than $41,500 to pay for things like power and water, as well as repair and maintenance for the park.

If approved the money would come from a separate pot of money set aside for Lake Tobesofkee, not the general fund.

Reichert confirms they're looking at potential buyers but this would helps keep the park running until them.

"It needs to be taken care of. That would just be like letting a house sit there and deteriorate," said Metcalf. 

Metcalf says she supports of the county spending the funds and hopes the park will reopen soon.

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