One Bibb County School is connecting with its students outside of the classroom. The staff at Burdell-Hunt Magnet Elementary School reads bedtime stories to students on Facebook Live.

Principal Tanya Allen says after the day is done, her staff still wants to connect with their students. Once a week, they host a Facebook Live bedtime story from a mystery reader on the staff.

"Our society is just so driven by social media, so it's just an easy way to promote reading," said Allen.

Allen says she wants each student to read on their own for at least 35 minutes each day. Parents and students can tune in and comment or ask questions about the story. Media specialist Sarah Mayberry did the first bedtime story.

"I want our parents to know that they don't have to be perfect when they are reading with their children. What is most important is that they are there and are making that connection with them," said Mayberry.

Allen hopes this will give students even more access to reading materials and keep help them reading at grade level.

"We can bring any book to life, and that is our goal," said Allen.

The first Facebook Live video they did got more than 1,000 views. Students can choose to take test about those stories for extra points.