Sending your child to school can be nerve-wracking for any parent wondering if they will be OK if something happens.

Soon, Bibb elementary parents will be able to rest a little easier knowing there will be a medical professional all day, every day at their child's school.

Justin McDuffie explains how the new expanded school nurse program should help your kids.

Taylor and his siblings, Jacob and Daisy, are glad to be back at school this year, but they aren't so happy with the homework.

For Taylor, another school year means having to take medicine in the middle of the day.

"For him to stay focused like he should, he has to have his medicine," said grandmother Linda Smith.

Smith says in the past, sometimes Taylor didn't get the medicine he needed when the nurse wasn't there.

"The nurse has been excellent when she is there, but they need a full-time staff there, a nurse," said Smith.

Right now, school nurses are only at schools a few days a week. Most of them rotate among 3 schools, but now, that's going to change. Bibb County will now have medical coverage at all elementary schools.

"We're looking at this to increase attendance in the kids, help the parents stay at work, but we also have a lot of children in the system with chronic health conditions they need help managing during the school day," said lead school nurse Stacy Carr.

Carr says the new medical coverage will depend on each school's needs.

The full-time nurses will be able to do assessments like checking blood pressures or blood sugar. They can also give out medicine and deal with any other medical problems.

Carr says now parents can rest easy.

"Peace of mind to know they have a medical professional at the school to watch over the child in case they have a need during the day," said Carr.

And that brings comfort to Smith, knowing her grandchildren will soon have a nurse anytime they're at school.

"With that many students in any school that's that large, they need a full-time nurse there. They really do," said Smith.

The new nurses will have a combination of medical training and backgrounds.

Bibb hopes to have the new medical personnel in place by October.