Bibb County schools will increase random searches and test metal detectors at Westside High School to improve school security.

Bibb County schools superintendent Curtis Jones released a statement Tuesday describing what they're doing to improve school safety.

Jones says the metal detectors are a pilot program, but the program will help him learn the advantages and disadvantages of having them.

He also says schools will start randomly searching students to increase students' awareness.

Jones says he wants students to feel safe knowing that administrators take their safety seriously.

Bibb County has handled several cases this school year in which students have allegedly taken guns to school or threatened to shoot up the school.

Here is Jones' complete statement:

What actions can we take to ensure our schools are safe? How can we ensure students are not bringing weapons to school? How can we be reasonably certain that if a weapon is brought to school that we will know about it so we can ensure the safety of all?

These questions have been on my mind a lot lately. I want to thank you for providing advice, recommendations and, in some cases, sitting on advisory councils with me to share your thoughts.

We are finishing up revisions to our safety procedures. As part of that process, we have made the decision to conduct a pilot program of metal detectors at Westside High School. This pilot is intended to help us truly learn what the advantages and disadvantages are, and if that is a direction we can and should go in.

We are also revising our use of searches. Currently, we are putting together a process for random searches at all levels to increase student awareness. We want students to feel safe knowing we are aware that their safety is paramount. Many thanks to David Gowan and his team for their work in revising our security procedures.

As part of this message, I would like to share with you a link to short video about some of the current procedures we have in place to ensure our campuses are safe for all. Please watch the video at In the very near future, we will share with you the new procedures for random searches as well.

I believe these actions will help make us safer, and you can rest better knowing we have increased our security measures. Thank you for your continued support.