Bibb County's projected deficit for next year's budget is up $6 million from what they originally thought.

In January, the county was expecting a $10 million deficit, but now it is up to $16 million.

Assistant County Manager, Julie Moore, says the budget that the mayor presented, with a 3.7 mill increase and four furlough days, is aimed at fixing that deficit.

“Within that increase of expenditure is $5 million increase, $4 million for retiree benefits and the rest has to do with overtime or some additional personnel or some operating pieces or some CIP,” says Moore.

A lot of that increase is because the county is about to drain their OPEB funds which means they will have to pull that money out of their savings in a few months.

Commissioner Mallory Jones says he wants to explore employees contributing 4 percent to their plans.

“I don’t know of one plan in America where the employees and retirees don’t contribute to their pension plan, public or private. That’s just unheard of,” says Jones.

Moore says that contribution would generate about $2 million.

The commissioners voted to have the county attorney draft an ordinance that would allow them to vote on making this change, but they say they want to wait to take action on that ordinance.

Commissioners will spend the next six weeks looking at this budget and making changes, but they have to approve the budget by June 30th.