If you are a homeowner in Bibb County, you may have gotten a bill that looks a little different. The tax commissioner’s office sent out their first annual garbage bill. It was previously a quarterly payment.

Robert Brookins says he owns six houses in Bibb County.

“I want to make sure that I pay all my taxes and everything,” says Brookins.

He says he has gotten a few bills recently that he is confused about.

“That’s the reason I’m down here today to see what this is all about. If I have to pay it today, I’ll pay it today,” says Brookins.

Rather than a quarterly $60 bill, Brookins says he got charged $300 for solid waste services at each house. Richard Baker says he is also having a hard time adjusting to the change.

“It’s just heartache for people like me and everybody else who's kind of struggling trying to make ends meet,” says Baker.

Bibb County Tax Commissioner Wade McCord says he understands where they are coming from, but he says people are still paying the same amount.

“It’s just a different way of billing and a different due date,” says McCord.

McCord says to transition over to the annual bill, the first bill is $300 to cover solid waste fees from October of 2017 until December of 2018, but after that, he says people will see a $240 charge every year on their annual property tax bill.

“I’m going to ask my mortgage company if they can increase my escrow by $20 a month in order to compensate for that,” says McCord.

McCord says it is up to people to contact their mortgage company to see if they can have this fee added into their escrow.

McCord says people have until April 2nd to pay the $300 bill.