At the end of a string of violent crimes Saturday, Bibb deputies found a 75-year-old woman dead in her kitchen.

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Investigators say the bullet came through a window in her home, which is located a street over from Mason Street where a fatal shooting took place earlier that morning.

“Her brothers and neighbors hadn’t been able to make contact with her,” said Sgt. Clay Williams.

Williams says they were doing a welfare check on Ann Leonard when they found her lying on her kitchen floor.

“A bullet had come through the rear of her house...there’s a window in the back of the house. It came through the rear of the house, and it struck her on the left side going into her chest,” said Williams.

He says they are still investigating whether or not the two homicides are related.

“We're looking into it because of the close proximity of these two,” said Williams.

WMAZ went out and took a look at where the two shootings happened to find out just how close they were to each other.

If you go to the backside of Leonard’s house, where the gunshot came from, you are on Mason Street and just a few blocks from where Marlon Williams was fatally shot.

Shaw, Mary, WMAZ

WMAZ spoke to several of Leonard’s neighbors on Vining Circle.

None of them wanted to go on camera, but they all said that this incident has left them scared and they want to see something change.

“[It was] a very unfortunate shot. We just wish people would be more careful with firearms,” said Williams.

Williams says they are planning to send investigators back out to the scene on Monday.

So far there are no suspects in the killings of Williams and Leonard.

Anyone with information can call the Bibb Sheriff's Office at 478-751-7500.