Commissioner Mallory Jones advocates for county employees to contribute 4 percent of their salary to their pension fund.

"We're living in a fantasy land to think this is sustainable, that we can't have contribution, an investment in their future," Jones said.

Many county employees have responded negatively to the potential plan, but Jones strongly disagrees.

"Some of these great workers and our employees are very short-sighted and some of them, unfortunately, are just being selfish," Jones said.

The plan would take effect in January 2019 for new county employees.

4 percent of an entry level employee's salary would amount to about $1,300. Firefighter Caleb Justice thinks the plan will make it harder for his department to keep firefighters.

"It's not attractive at all to police and fire, it makes job retention hard, especially when they're working side-by-side with people who've got a sound pension at a great offer," Justice said.

He also says it's creating turmoil within the community.

"Citizens are now looking at us as the bad guys, and it seems like here lately there hasn't been anybody to speak out on our behalf, to speak out for us," Justice said.

County officials say they expect their Healthcare and Pension Benefits Committee will discuss the plan further this Monday.