Thursday, some Bibb County parents went back into the classroom for National Parent Involvement Day, but for one Macon grandfather, visiting his student is just a part of his normal routine. Yvonne Thomas spoke to Chester Brown about why he believes it’s important to sit down and learn with his grandson.

Chester Brown is no stranger to Central High School. “My first grandson graduated from Central in 2016,” said Brown. And now little brother Brian Brown is next in line. It's his freshman year. “I want to become a pilot and Air Force pilot when I grow up,” said Freshman Brian Brown.

And to make that dream a reality, his grandfather, Chester Brown, is by his side for extra support. “We stay behind him, and when my daughter can't really make the meetings, I'm here to substitute for her,” said Brown.

That support extends beyond National Parent Involvement Day. Chester Brown makes frequent visits to make sure his grandson is making the most of his time in class. “That support is very crucial in the high school years. Those four years can make or break a student in terms of going to college or what they choose to do next,” said Latinda Dean, Academic Coach at Central High School. “We found out today that we can go into the system and look at his past work and we can go back and help him,” said Brown.

And he's become a friendly face that several students have come to know. “I don't mind. I just want to see our children progress. I'm just here to help,” said Brown.

Whether you're a parent or a grandparent, there's always room inside the classroom for more love and support. “Find out what's going on in the classroom. This is going to help them in the end and let the teachers know that you care,” said Brown.

Thursday at Central, parents and grandparents ate lunch with their students, met with teachers, and learned more about college readiness programs.