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Bibb School employees earn 2 percent bonus from school district

The staff received their bonuses during National Teacher Appreciation Week.

It's National Teacher Appreciation Week. All week long, folks are honoring teachers for their daily commitment to our children.

It's a hearty meal of thanks for teachers who give so much. “You always hear the old saying that, "Food is the way to a person's heart." And I hope that my teachers know that I give them my whole heart because I know that this is a tough job,” said Central High School Principal Emmanuel Frazier.

At Central High School, a handmade breakfast is one of the many ways Principal Emmanuel Frazier shares his gratitude. “We feed off of each other's energy, and I see my colleagues put so much into their students and it inspires me to give my best every day,” said teacher Michael Scott.

But this isn't the only gift that teachers earned during National Teacher Appreciation Week. School spokesperson Stephanie Hartley says all Bibb school employees received a Pay for Performance bonus, approved in the 2018 Fiscal Year budget. “They must utilize the professional learning that they have gotten so that our reading scores continue to increase, our enrollment continues to increase, our attendance gets better and our behavior gets better,” said Frazier.

Hartley says, for a year, teachers were monitored in several performance areas like attendance and classroom use of technology. Each employee will receive a two percent bonus, based on their salary, for meeting Bibb's district wide performance goals in the classroom.

But for teachers like Michael Scott, the bonus is just the tip of the iceberg. He says it's his students and staff that make his job worthwhile. “Teaching is such a vital profession, so it's important that we keep good teachers and that we continue to make this world around us better,” said Scott.

Hartley says the bonuses cost the district $2.7 million set aside in this year's budget and it's important to note, because the Bibb School District operates under a separate budget, these bonuses do not affect the county's budget and deficit.