Bibb Sheriff David Davis "cautiously" approved renewing the Crazy Bull’s alcohol license at the county commission meeting Tuesday.

He began by telling commissioners that the sheriff’s office had heard concerns about incidents that happened on the premises within the last 12-18 months.

Davis said in 2017, his deputies responded to roughly 95 calls at the Crazy Bull that ranged from fights to robberies and stabbings.

He met with bar owner Ricky Hill in early January to discuss those concerns, and Davis says Hill assured him they’d put in corrective measures.

They include structural changes to bar entrances, hiring and increasing security and working to upgrade the bar’s video surveillance.

"He plans to hire some off-duty deputies to augment some of his security that he has," says Davis.

Hill's Lawyer, John Fox, was present and reiterated the steps the bar would be taking to increase the security of its staff and patrons. One of those changes is putting in more secure doors.

"This helps prevent anyone from trying to enter through any entrance which is not the main entrance where they're screened by security to determine that they're of appropriate condition to come," says Fox.

Fox says the bar sees 75,000 people come into the bar annually. He says that may be one reason the number of calls may seem so high compared to other venues.

In an eight to one vote, commissioners approved renewing the bar's license.