Every day, we get closer and closer to the end of the school year, and most students at Howard Middle are ready for a break.

"There's been a lot of learning to experience throughout the year, and that will continue all the way through the end of the year," Howard Middle School Principal Kevin Adams said.

He says county policy doesn't allow students to carry bookbags during the last week of school.

"There are students that are going to take that laidback approach that last week," Adams said. "Some of them might get the impression that school's out for summer, and we,re not quite there yet. We want to finish the year strong. We take away any barriers that might lead them to make some poor choices."

He says high schools are concerned about senior pranks, while at Howard Middle, students won,t have a need for a backpack since they'll have turned in their locks and textbooks.

"We do that as precautionary measure to make sure our students can go to and from school safely without any worries about what people may be bringing in a bag that is not appropriate for that last week of school,"Adams said.

While he says he's never had a problem the last week of school, this is just another tool they use to help keep students safe.

"If it is the proactive measure we want it to be, it seems to be working just fine," Adams said.

The last day of school in Bibb County is May 25th.