A new bill proposed in the state capitol, if passed, would give parents more freedom on where they send their child to school.

The bill would allow public school students to choose where they want to go to school if they know someone that lives in their desired attendance zone, even if its across county lines.

The person that lives in the desired school zone would just have to give their permission to use their address.

House Bill 788 says, “a student shall be allowed to attend and be enrolled in the school for which a parent or guardian certifies that an individual residing in the school's attendance zone has authorized such parent or guardian to use such individual's address for purposes of establishing residency.”

Bibb Asst. Superintendent of Student Affairs Jamie Cassady says the bill as is gives him some concern.

“We'd have no idea of how many students may show up to some of our schools,” Cassady said.

“You’re talking about allotments and overcrowding at some of the schools.”

As the bill currently reads, there are no exceptions to the law, meaning districts would have to accommodate each student at the school of their choice.

“Kids could show up first day of school, 5 days after school starts or 10 days after school starts,” Cassady said. “We may start with a certain allotment of teachers, and by the first month have a problem of not having enough space or not having enough teachers.”

He thinks lawmakers should be open to some changes, or possible amendments.

“If they are set on allowing that, I would love to see that clause as space available,” Cassady said.