MACON, Ga. — Here is some good news for all Central Georgia tea lovers. Biron Herbal Teas has officially opened their tea production facility at the Macon State Farmer's Market.

The company has been open since 2011, but it has been a long journey for founder Andi Biron.

"It's been a work of love for about seven years," says Biron, who has balanced running her business with taking care of family. "It finally came together with our factory this January."

That was when Biron finally received upgraded tea bagging and overwrap equipment from Fuso International. The company customized the machines to Biron Teas ecological footprint.

Biron Teas packaging and tea bags are 100 percent biodegradable and tins that teas come are reusable. Overwraps are made of corn and can be used for compost.

"We wanted make sure we were as respectful to the herbs and the process and the Earth as we could be," says Biron. "It was just something we knew we had to do."

According to Biron, Biron Herbal Tea is the only pyramid tea production facility in the Southeast. Biron personally sorts through herbs to create her teas.

"I love making and mixing the tea. That's really where it started and that's where I feel like my zen place," says Biron. "I know it's noisy, but when the tea is running, I can smell it and I get to mix it."

Biron has two tea lines: one for wellness, with flavors like Memory Magic and Love and Happiness. The other is with Georgia Grown and features flavors like Cherry Blossom Green Tea.

"Macon has been great for us," says Biron. "I think for us, it's just more about being part of a community and being able to these great teas to people here in Middle Georgia."

Biron Herbal Teas can be found at Village Marketplace, Yvonne's Farmer's Market, and select Krogers. Tea can also be ordered online here.

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