MACON, Ga. — Some people in Warner Robins spotted something unusual in a tree on Highway 247. The Department of Natural Resources says it was a 250-pound American black bear.

Donna McLean says a black bear made its way up a tree outside of the Cascade Corporation near Industrial Boulevard in Warner Robins on Tuesday morning.

"He was up there. He was just chilling," said McLean. 

That was until he wasn't.

"He was in the lower part of the tree for a while, and then, DNR tried to get him down, unsuccessfully," said McLean. 

Kevin Hurley with the Department of Natural Resources says the Houston County Fire Department used a water hose to try to get the bear down, but he climbed higher in the tree.

"At that point, we realized that we were just going to let the bear kind of do its own thing and kept units in the area to try to keep people away from the bear," said Hurley. 

McLean says she didn't feel threatened, but she was worried it would put itself in danger. 

"That was one of our fears yesterday was that the bear would come down and try to run into the road and get hit," said McLean. 

While some people stopped to take photos and videos, other people said they were afraid to approach the bear. 

"Black bears generally aren't dangerous. They are actually very skittish," said Hurley. 

He says people should avoid contact, avoid leaving pet food outside, dispose of garbage properly, and remove bird feeders from outside of homes and businesses when bears are active. 

"We kind of looked for it last night and he came down about 10:45 p.m. or so," said McLean. 

The department says bear hunting day falls on Dec. 21. Hunters are not allowed to kill female bear with cubs or any bear less than 75 pounds according to state regulations.

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