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Wallet Hub announces best and worst Black Friday deals

It says the top deals can be had on jewelry, toys, and clothing.

MACON, Ga. — Whether it's tradition or just good old-fashioned trying to save money, Black Friday is a time when elves hit the stores to find the perfect gifts.

Personal finance website Wallet Hub released its list of best and worst Black Friday deals this week.  

We caught up with some Central Georgia shoppers to see if the survey matched up with the deals they snagged in the store.

At this time of the year, everyone wants to find the perfect gift, including Bryant Evans. 

"Buying my son a TV, and my other son a Nintendo Switch,"  he said.

Traci Boyett came to Macon from Griffin.

"We got some of the $10 blue jeans," she said.

But thrifty elves turn out on Black Friday trying to save a buck or two, and the folks we spoke with felt pretty confident they got the best deals. Sherrie Canipe had her cart full going into the parking lot.

"We got an InstaPot, two toothbrushes, another air fryer, and a toaster oven," she said. "Well, according to this little receipt, we saved $237. That's 40 on the jacket, and then the blue jeans, we're saving 20 on each pair, so that's 70, yeah," Traci calculated.

Well, no matter what store you go to, Wallet Hub compared the pre-Black Friday price with the actual Black Friday price on a big selection of gifts. It says the top deals can be found on jewelry, books, movies and music, clothing and accessories, consumer packaged goods like food, beverages, and cosmetics, and toys.

But don't get all excited thinking you're going to save money on the following: appliances, video games, computers and phones, furniture, and consumer electronics. They make up the worst deals list.

Despite that list, Jason Atkins says his strategy paid off, and he's riding home happy.

"It makes your dollar go a long ways whenever you catch a Black Friday sale."

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