BLECKLEY COUNTY, Ga. — Bleckely County preschoolers were in for a treat, fresh off the farm Thursday.

"We got to get pecans and we got to taste strawberries," preschooler Rhett Bohannon said. "I did both of them."

Local farmers and agricultural workers volunteered to showcase their work to the 154 preschoolers for Bleckley County's 2nd annual Farm Day.

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Kasey Hendrix with Lasseter Tractor Company taught them about farm equipment.

"People today don't realize what all goes on in the farm anymore, so it's just a good experience for these kids," he said.

Bleckley County Preschool Director Pansy Corbett says the earlier students learn where their food comes from and how it's made, the better.

"So many of our kids today just don't understand that our food doesn't come from Walmart or Wendy's or Hardee's or wherever. They do not realize all of the work that goes into it. We may need a doctor every 6 months, but we need a farmer every day," Corbett said.

Preschool teacher Kristen Sims planned the event. They went from having 8 farming exhibits last year to over 40 this year. 

She says the hands-on learning is the best way to teach.

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"They are sponges and they absorb everything, and they will be talking about this day for weeks," Sims said.

From learning about farming equipment to planting watermelons, Bohannon is taking it all in. "It has to be warm enough for watermelon to grow here. If you see them at the store, that means it either came from Mexican, or the warmest place, or the desert," he said.

Corbett received a framed proclamation from Governor Brian Kemp, officially declaring March 28th as Bleckley County Preschool Farm Day.