BLECKLEY COUNTY, Ga. — Search parties in Bleckley County are on their third day of duty.

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"We've got so much help, I just can't keep up with them all," said Bleckley County Sheriff Kris Coody. "We've got the Georgia State Patrol aviation, the Department of Natural Resources, Bleckley County EMA, the Sheriff's Office, Sumter County Fire and Rescue, Houston County Fire and Rescue, GEMA."

With seven state and local agencies helping, they've also enlisted the help of two cadaver dogs and sonar technology.

There's extra help from local volunteers, with the search party almost doubling since Friday morning.

Barry Rowland is the deputy director of the Bleckley County Emergency Management Agency. He's in charge of the volunteers and says he knows the missing man is a frequent visitor of this river.

"He's very familiar with the river, he's been on the river a lot. He's experienced with this, because it's a very tricky river, high currents, water fluctuates up and down so much," said Rowland.

Rowland says in his years as a volunteer in Bleckley County, he's never seen an effort like this one.

"We have some outstanding volunteers, and our volunteers are not paid, myself included. I've been in this for 35 years, and I don't do it for the money, I do it because I enjoy helping people," said Rowland.

Sheriff Coody says the search will continue every day until they find the body.