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'Blessing box' still answering prayers of Warner Robins community

Most of the items in the box are nonperishable, but people are welcome to donate what they'd like and take what they need.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — A Warner Robins "blessing box" is proving giving back can be easy.

With a few supplies, $200 dollars, and a strong community backing to keep things stocked, a group of women created what they call a "blessing box".

"I think it’s a wonderful idea. I do think they should probably put them in more places,” Leslie Wallace said.

Wallace owns the art business next to the box, and sees people in need, or people helping those in need, come and go. 

"I know there's at least probably 10,12, maybe more when I'm not here that come by daily and people put stuff in and take stuff out, we've been known to put stuff in as well," she said. 

The point of the box is to give, whether to homeless, families fighting to feed their loved ones, or just those struggling.  

"Just like with anything that needs community support, some days you come and the box will be full and then sometimes you'll come and it'll just be empty. So anytime I drive by I just try to keep it in mind," Erikka Williams said. 

Williams says she was driving by when the box caught her attention. 

After a little research, she began to donate regularly, even getting her children involved. 

"We really have a great need in this community and it’s a really easy way to give back. We have this one at commercial circle and some others around town but it’s really simple, a simple way to serve," Williams said. 

She says plastic ware, nonperishables, and sanitary supplies are welcome, and anything that could be used to help someone in need can go in the box. 

"If it’s not expired or in good condition, bring it down to the box and be a blessing to someone else," she smiled. 

Most of the items in the box are nonperishable, but people are welcome to donate what they'd like. 

If you want to donate, drop by the box or visit the community Facebook page.


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