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Bonaire stoplight at Highway 96 and Thompson Mill Road is 'Driving Me Crazy!'

Gary Mucher says the stoplight placed above the yield sign at the right turn onto Thompson Mill Road confuses motorists. We spoke with GDOT to get some answers.

BONAIRE, Ga. — We all use Central Georgia's roads to get around, but sometimes there are things that drive us crazy. Whether it's a stubborn pothole or an intersection that needs a traffic light, we're listening to your road problems and getting answers from local and state officials in our new series "Driving Me Crazy."

At the intersection of Highway 96 and Thompson Mill Road, there's a right turn that has both a stoplight above it and a yield sign. 

Gary Mucher, who lives in the area, wrote in to tell us it's driving him crazy.

"Oh yes, I do use this road every day, every day. Rarely do we ever turn and go up the old 96," Mucher said.

Mucher knows this area of Bonaire well and frequents Highway 96 and Thompson Mill Road, just south of Robins Air Force Base.

"We were actually one of the first families that moved out here, and at that time we were moving out into the woods, and that was like 33 years ago," Mucher said.

He's watched the road work over the years, including turning Highway 96 into a four-lane road from the beginning. When the intersection first opened, he says it flowed.

"Initially when they set it up, it was very easy to go in and out of the area. You could see cars coming through with the yield sign down there," he said.

He's pointing specifically to a yield sign when you turn right onto Thompson Mill Road, but the Georgia Department of Transportation also put a stoplight above, and now he's confused on which one to follow.

"As I looked at it more and more and drove through it and was wondering, it was driving me crazy!" Mucher said. "Like which one do I obey? The red light? Or the yield sign when I'm making that right hand turn off of 96?"

We reached out to Penny Brooks with the Georgia Department of Transportation. 

It turns out, Brooks says, the spotlight isn't meant for drivers making a right turn.

"The straight-through lanes follow the light signals, basically, that's easy to understand," Brooks said.

Brooks says the stoplight alerts drivers coming around the curve on Highway 96 of the traffic signal ahead. Right lane turners follow the yield sign and not the traffic light.

"Using the yield, they need to keep an eye out on the left hand, making sure no one is coming, but if nobody is coming, they can move straight on into Thompson Mill Road," she said.

So, just to be clear, if you're making a right turn onto Thompson Mill Road, the street light isn't for you. Instead, follow the yield sign. 

The intersection is right down the street from the new Bonaire Primary School that's currently under construction.

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If there's something on the road that's driving you crazy, we want to hear from you. Send an email to news@13wmaz.com or message us on Facebook.

Tune in next Monday, February 10 to 13WMAZ Morning at 6 a.m. to hear what else is "Driving Me Crazy!"

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