Grace Jeter has always wanted to turn a new page in her community for reading

"Spreading literacy in the community is a big goal of mine," Jeter said.

Not knowing where to begin, she thought back to her own personal prologue.

"My grandfather was a police officer, my uncle was a police officer, and basically everyone else was in the military," Jeter explained.

Jeter, of course, had some help thanks to her motherly instincts, too.

"Reading helps strengthen the bond between a parent and a child or a caregiver and a child, and those are memories that they'll remember," Jeter said.

All of this gave color to her project, "Books for Blues."

"Our goal is to have a set of ten 'Usborne' and 'Kane Miller' books for all 32 of Perry's patrol cars," Jeter said.

Chief Steve Lynn with the Perry Police has been working with Jeter and says he's excited for this new chapter in the department's book.

"When you hand that child who's maybe got tears running down his or her face, and you hand them a little, and you get a tentative smile, or sometimes you get a big grin, it makes a difference in that moment, and children live in the moment."

Lynn says books are a gift with an impact that goes far beyond the first page.

"Success later in life, one of the building blocks for that is you're learning to read."

He says that this is an opportunity to form stronger relationships with not only children, but the town as a whole, proving Perry really is where Georgia comes together

"It is just indicative of what this community is about," Lynn said.

To donate, click here to access the GoFundMe page.

Jeter is trying to raise $2,000 in order to supply all 32 patrol cars.