The sound of High Falls State Park is something James Burdette will never forget.

In October of 2017, James' brother, Christian, drowned in the falls. He walked the same trails and returned to the same spot where he relived the tragedy.

James hadn't been to High Falls since his brother passed away, but as he walked through the trails, the presence of his brother still remains.

With his girlfriend by his side, he shared the emotional story with campers from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office in hopes of preventing other children living his own nightmare.

James' girlfriend, Aslyn Rockhold, says through all of this, she supported him as much as she can.

"I'm just there for him to listen. I'm an ear for him when he needs me, I'm a shoulder for him whenever he needs that. I just love him a lot and I'm always there for him," said Rockhold.

James wants people to know the water looks inviting, but it's not worth a life or losing a loved one.

"I think about all the arguments we had and they were stupid. They were nothing. I mean, it was really just pointless, so don't take for granted the time you have with anybody because you really want it back when you don't have them.