When you walk into the Byron Police Department most days, you will be greeted by Kevin Clance.

No, he isn't an officer. He is the records and Georgia Crime Information Center Operator.

When he was younger, he wanted to be a cop, but because of his muscular dystrophy, that was not an option.

"When I knew I couldn't do that, I went the 911 route, 'cause you're the first person they talk to. Then, you just get all the information and give it to somebody else to do the hands-on part," said Clance.

Clance started in the Peach County 911 dispatch center in 2001 and went on to Washington, D.C. in 2006.

When he lost his two nieces in a drunk driving accident last May, he came back home to take care of his sister, who was also injured.

He urges people to not drink and drive because he doesn't want what happened to them to happen to anyone else. "There's no point in it -- way too much loss there," Clance said.

Byron Police Chief Wesley Cannon says when he hired Clance last year, he knew he was the perfect fit.

"First thing I look at when I hire someone is, 'Are they a good person?'" Cannon said.

Chief Cannon said Clance is a hard worker, but knows how to keep the mood light. "He's a jokester, don't let him fool ya," said Cannon.

Clance said although he isn't an officer, he plays an important role.

"You feel good about what you just handled or saving somebody or just getting somebody through a rough time, even if it's just talking to them on the phone for an hour. Sometimes, that's all it takes -- somebody to listen to them," he said.

The best part of his job?

"I just like helping people. It's just what I've always wanted to do," said Clance.

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