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Campers evacuated at High Falls Park, flooded streets in Monroe County

Monroe County Fire Department and Georgia state park rangers helped 10 people escape the campsite by boat.

MONROE COUNTY, Ga. — Heavy rains washed out many streets in Monroe County. One hard hit was to High Falls State Park where the rising river water trapped 10 people at the campsite leading to a daring water rescue.

On Sunday night Dennis Lundgren and his wife arrived at High Falls State Park for a mini vacation. 

"We're from two hours north, and it was raining all the way down here. We came through rain storms, we got here about 1:00, and got over to our campsite and the rain stopped," Lundgren said.

Their joy for the nice weather was short lived as rain started back up and flooding started.

"We were up high, and it had been raining a lot, so there was a lot of standing water, but that's all we saw until we saw the fire department coming," he said.

They were coming to tell campers to evacuate due to flooded roads caused by high levels at the Towaliga River. Chief Matt Jackson with Monroe County Fire told 13WMAZ at the time of the rescue, no one was in danger. 

"They had to take us by boat because that road way was maybe about four or five feet under water," Lundgren said.

Monroe County Fire and state park rangers evacuated 10 people by boat.

"As you can see from my hat, I'm used to being on boats, in not too pleasant circumstances so it was more of an adventure I'd say," Lundgren said.

Lundgren and his wife had to leave their camper up at the park, and that wasn't the only adventure.  

Sandy Richter lives in Bolingbroke and started her morning off with a bang.

"About 6:45 this morning, I heard a loud boom, and once again I thought it was the hail," Richter said.

She walked outside to rushing water and fallen trees.

"I mean the trees were down everywhere we had trees that fell on part of the roof the backyard, the water was coming. It was just chaotic," Richter said.

She also had flooding in her basement, and fallen power lines outside.

"I'm just glad this happened while I was at home cause coming home from work and coming home to this just would have been a mess," she said.

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