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'We've got to get these kids out of here': Cars stuck in Zebulon Road flooding

Marvin Land says it took water authority crews a little more than an hour to resolve the problem.

MACON, Ga. — After heavy downpours Sunday evening some folks found themselves stranded by a flash flood on Zebulon Road.

On Sunday, when Alyssa Jernigan and her family went out to dinner, the rain started to come down hard.

 "We didn't think anything of it. So, we went ahead and got into the car. We shot over to Walmart," Jernigan said. 

But when they came down to the intersection on Zebulon Road...

"I immediately saw the water, and I threw my hand up to my husband and said 'you got to stop there's water,'" Jernigan said. 

Marvin Land with the Macon Water Authority says all the water running down the curb and gutter in the roadway carries grass clippings and liter with it. 

That debris stopped up two catch bases on Peake Road, causing the flood on Zebulon. 

As soon as the Jernigan's hit the water they became stuck.

"Water seeped in through the sun roof, got in the dash and fried everything. Water came in through the bottoms of the doors and flooded the carpet in his car," Jernigan said. 

Worry filled the car, and so did the flood waters. 

"We've got to get these kids out of here. I don't care about me I don't care about this car. I want my kids out of here and out of this water, and away from this area because they are scared to death," Jernigan said. 

It took close to an hour to get her three kids out of the car, and more than two hours to get it towed.

"As a young mom to three kids I never ever want to hear my kids say, or ask me 'Are we going to die? Are we going to make it?'" Jernigan said. 

This was an unusual rain situation with nearly hurricane level amounts over an hour. Land says it took water authority crews a little more than an hour to resolve the problem. 


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