After waking up to snow on Wednesday, some Central Georgians were ecstatic about the weather while others expressed some discomfort.

As the sun started to shine and some of the snow began to melt, we went out to catch up with some folks in the community.

One Macon man had one sentence for us, "I hate snow."

A woman who moved to Macon from Connecticut says "this is nothing."

"It's just flurries," said Alee Groves.

On the other hand, Nicholas Carroll, who's from Macon could not contain his excitement.

"I've definitely been enjoying the snow being from the Mac Town," he said expressing how thankful he is for the snow. "We don't get to see this stuff that much."

Two Macon pastors were also out and about after the sun came out.

"I imagine after temperatures go down tonight, it's going to get pretty bad," said Jeramie Frasure.

He says he and the staff members at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church canceled church this evening to encourage everyone to stay off the roads and be safe.

Pastor Larry Wilson from Macon says he is not so concerned about the rest of the day if the sun continues to shine.

"It's been a good experience this morning," he said. "A little slippery on Jeffersonville Road but other than that it's been a great morning."

The Georgia Department of Transportation is encouraging everyone to avoid driving if possible for the rest of the day on Wednesday.