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Central Georgia 2021 special election results

Here are the results for the races broken down by county

MACON, Ga. — Voters across Central Georgia took to the polls to cast their ballots for the second time this year in special elections in a handful of counties on March 16.

Here are the results for the races broken down by county:

Crawford County

Joseph Sutton defeats Caleb Adams to win School Board District 4 seat.   

Sutton: 72 votes

Adams: 32 votes 

Dale Jump and Eddie Still will meet in a runoff for County Commission District 5 seat on April 13.

Jump: 61 votes

Still: 76 votes

Collins: 45 votes

Kelly: 25 votes

Suggs: 44 votes

Dodge County

Voters decided to continue the ESPLOST:

Yes: 708 votes

No: 91 votes

Houston County

Derek Mack wins the Warner Robins City Council Post 1 race, defeating Cathy Harless, David Reid, and Jeffrey Walker.

Mack: 2042 votes

Reid: 956 votes 

Harless: 181 votes 

Walker: 87 votes

Voters decided to continue the ESPLOST:

Yes: 5256 votes

No: 743 votes

Twiggs County

Jaquez Harris (D) defeats Sharon Radebaugh (R) for School Board Chairman seat.

Harris: 625 votes

Radebaugh: 248 votes

Rhonda King wins School Board District 3 seat, defeating Connie Cornelius.

King: 215 votes

Cornelius: 135 votes

Washington County

City of Sandersville passes Sunday alcohol sales between the hours of 12:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

Yes: 111 votes

No: 50 votes

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