The road to becoming the youngest professional bodybuilder in the state, has not been an easy road for Keone Pearson.

Pearson has been an athlete all his life, but says his determination is what helped him win recognition from the International Federation of Bodybuilders .

"Weightlifting has always been a part of my journey, but bodybuilding was something that was never planned," said Pearson. "It just happened, so ever since I've been doing my thing."

Born and raised in Warner Robins, Keone never had a problem staying fit. He's only been bodybuilding for about a year now, but has since competed in three shows. Pearson has ranked first place in all three competitions.

"I was raised was to keep challenging myself," he explained. "I'm very competitive--I want to get better every single day and that's always been my goal."

The 22-year-old personal trainer says working out seven days a week is never a problem, but it's the kitchen that raises the biggest obstacle.

"Imagine doing that for 20 weeks straight---eating clean. No cheat meals, Tilapia, asparagus, broccoli everyday. That's the biggest challenge of it and that's what a lot of people struggle on." Pearson's advice to others--- "Push through it. I like to say suffer sometimes. That's what I was doing and it all paid off."

Keone says his goal each time he competes is just to inspire others---young and old.