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Central Georgia Pet Talent Show: Your videos

We asked for videos of yours pets showing off their skills, and now they're featured on our Pet Talent Show!

MACON, Ga. — We asked for videos of your pets showing off their skills and you delivered! Now, we're featuring them on 13WMAZ Morning in our Pet Talent Show. 

Melissa Kitchens sent in a video of her fur baby. He looks like he is just itching to bust a move. 

Next up is Ashley Flowes' beautiful German Shepard. This pooch uses children's toys like a pro. Who needs dog toys anymore? This brings a whole new meaning to fur baby.

Brandon Thompson's dog, Julius, is next. This dog has mastered the art of ignoring his owner. 

Vivian Davis' dog Roscoe could double as a wide receiver for the Georgia Bulldogs. Roscoe has some awesome Frisbee skills is great at playing catch.

Here is something you don't see on your typical day at the lake: Peggy Stevens' dog, Ruffles, did a great job staying calm, cool, and collected while balancing on a boogie board.

Melissa Kitchens' dog couldn't stop jumping for joy on the trampoline, and Ashley Young's dog is straight out of the adorable file squeaking away at its toy. 

Last, but not least, is a guest who could be invited over for dinner any night of the week. Whispers is Phyllis Pierce's dog who has nothing but wonderful table manners -- sitting up straight, using a fork, and of course, you can't forget the napkin. Whispers is ready for five-star dining. 

But we know that's only some of the talent Central Georgia's pets have to offer. You can be part of the show too! Just go to the 13WMAZ app, scroll down, and look for the 'Pet Talent Show' section to upload your video.

Watch 13WMAZ Wednesday mornings in May and you might see your furry friend on the Pet Talent Show. 


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