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Central Georgia Salvation Army asks for your donations to help those in need this holiday season

"We help people pay rent, utilities, mortgages, we house about 120 people on site here from homeless to people just down on their luck," Johnny Poole said.

MACON, Ga. — As we approach the holiday season, we feel gratitude for what we have, and also recognize there are so many without.

Every Tuesday this month, we've asked you to join us to "Give Thanks" by helping the less fortunate in our community.

One organization that serves many needs in the Macon area is the Salvation Army.


They are the ones bringing the sound of bells ringing outside stores during the holidays.

You see them all the time during the holiday season. You may donate, you may not, but ringing this bell means a lot to Willie Bruster. 

"I enjoy this because I like meeting people, I like to make people happy, and I see so much sad stuff sometimes, I just want to bring joy into people's lives," Willie Bruster said.

Bruster has a disability that hasn't slowed him down.

He's been a bell ringer for the Salvation Army for 16 years now. 

"I've been to Kentucky, Louisiana, Gaston," Bruster said.

Texas, Mississippi, Atlanta, and here in Central Georgia..

Bruster says he travels state to state to spread holiday cheer by ringing what the Salvation Army calls, "bells of hope."

"I've seen people that didn't have something to eat on Turkey Day, didn't have bicycles, and a lot of toys, so I said, 'I can get out there and do something about this,' and said, 'I can make a difference,'" Bruster said.

You, too, can make a difference by putting whatever amount you can in one of their red kettles. 

Johnny Poole says donations go a long way, little or small.

"We help people pay rent, utilities, mortgages. We house about 120 people onsite here from homeless to people just down on their luck," Poole said.

The power of your donation doesn't stop there. 

The Salvation Army is also providing meals, clothes, and gifts during this holiday season to families in need. 

"We want to challenge every person in Central Georgia that is able in central Georgia -- no amount is too big or too small -- to help us," Poole said.

Bruster says he'll be outside ringing the bell until December 24th at 6 p.m. 

These are just a few ways the Salvation Army can use your donations, but any amount you give can help provide shelter and food to the homeless in the Macon area.

Simply text the word THANKS to 478-752-1309 and get a direct link to donate $5 to them. Donations to each organization will run for a week before we move on to the next one.