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Some Central Georgia schools are getting a piece of a $15,000,000 grant

The program is funded through Comminutes and Schools of Georgia.

TWIGGS COUNTY, Ga. — Some communities in Georgia got a $15 million department of education grant. A piece of that pie will be going to not one but three different school districts in Central Georgia.

"Sometimes it may be hard for students to focus in a large setting so we're allowing them the extra two hours after school to come and have that one on one hands-on interaction with the teacher," Twiggs County Middle and High School Graduation Coach Michelle Lewis said. 

Michelle is apart of the after school program that gives students extra support.

"The after school program is like an enrichment program. Who may need more help in the subjects of math, ELA, literature and we also have a lab for creative recovery students," Lewis said.

The program is funded through Comminutes and Schools of Georgia.

Now Lewis, the students in the after school program and others around Georgia have even more to look forward to. A five-year, $3,000,000-a-year grant means they can keep the program going. 

The grant also also serves students in other school districts including Dublin City Schools, Laurens County School District and Twiggs County Schools. 

"All of Twiggs County Public Schools will benefit from this grant. We will actually have a person placed in the schools to help coordinate the services," Twiggs Superintendent Mack Bullard said.

One way Bullard says he's hoping to use the money for more student enrichment.

"We don't have a Boys Club and Girls Club in the area. We don't have lots of things like fine arts and arts program. We can now bring those things now to Twiggs County," Bullard said.

The goal of the grant includes helping improve physical and mental health, graduation rates and family connections to community resources. 

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