Since the devastating weather hit South Georgia this weekend, people from all over have been coming together to help out storm victims. Madison Cavalchire tells us about one group from right here at home that just returned from Albany.

24 firefighters from departments across Central Georgia including Perry, Warner Robins, Houston County, Peach County, and Macon-Bibb County, just returned home from a two-day deployment to Albany.

"You could see where cars had been moved, windows broken out, and just pretty much looked like a bomb had went off," said Warner Robins Fire Lieutenant Ned Dixon.

Dixon says the damage was some of the worst he's seen, only second to his deployment after Katrina.

"There was nothing there," Dixon said. "You'd see the frame of a trailer just wrapped around another trailer, or possibly even stacked on two or three others."

Dixon says they were assigned to search woods and collapsed buildings. Perry Fire Lieutenant Brett Warmack says they searched in a mobile home park for a two-year-old boy missing since Sunday's storm, but the search came up cold.

"We'd rather have closure for the families of missing people, whether they're children or adults, because those people are special to somebody," Warmack said.

Warmack says there was some good news. They were also looking for a woman and child, who were then found safe in another city.

"As firemen, we always want to help, that's our job," Warmack said. "We're there for people when they're probably not having the best days of their lives."

These guys say, you can't predict the weather, but they're just glad they can be there after the storm.

"Do we want to go?" Dixon said. "Yes, because we enjoy what we do. Do we want to go? No, because somebody's suffering. It's the worst day of somebody's life."

There are about 125 people from Central Georgia fire departments that make up the Central Georgia Search and Rescue Task Force four. They say the last time they were deployed before their trip to Albany, was for Hurricane Matthew.