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Central High School prepared for a new academic year

Superintendent Sims paid students, parents, and staff a visit and got a special performance from the school's Sugar Bear Band.

MACON, Ga. — As we continue back to school in Central Georgia, Central High School is prepared for their first day of the new school year.

Parents dropped their scholars off to school around 7 Wednesday morning. 

Some students walked to campus, but everyone made it in safely.

Central High was the first school on Superintendent Dan Sims's 'to do' list as he made his way through the district to meet and greet his new family of educators and learners.

This is Sims first day of school as superintendent, and he's hoping to make a good impression.

"We're excited about all of the opportunities to see all of our students and all of the different learning environments to make sure that everybody feels good about this first day and everyday beyond," Sims says.

Musical director Cameron Agee is serving his second year with the Sugar Bear Band.

"Last year we were still coming out of COVID," Cameron says.

"This year is all about reshaping what our tradition is going to be for the Sugarbear Band and paving new ways and bringing new innovations."

Agee and his band of 115 students have a few tricks up their sleeves this season for halftime.

"My favorite song that we've worked on thus far this season would be 'I Like the Way' also known as 'The Kissing Game' by Hi-Five," Cameron Says.

As students take the field and fill in the classroom, it is important to remember new policies enforced by the high school this year.

In June, the school board made the decision to prohibit the use of cellphones on campus.

Students who are caught using their phones without permission will have their phone confiscated and the parent will have to schedule a meeting with the school to get it back.

Exceptions include getting permission from the superintendent or emergencies.


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