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CGTC launches program to reduce out of pocket tuition costs for students

3-2-1 GO is additional funding that Central Georgia Technical College was able to secure to offset some of the costs that may not be covered by financial aid.

MACON, Ga. — If you are a Central Georgia Technical College student, the program $321GO! can help reduce your out of pocket costs, or even eliminate them.

"I actually want to own my own business one day," Jackson Hogan said.

Jackson and his twin brother, Jordan, say the first step to turning their dream into a reality is getting a degree in business management. 

"It'll be a good thing once we get out, you know? Being able to own yourself," Hogan said.

The Hogan twins will study business management this year at CGTC.

What they didn't know was that they're eligible for a new program the school is offering called $321GO! The program is additional funding CGTC was able to secure to offset some of the costs that may not be covered by financial aid.

Amyre Makupson is the director of marketing and public relations at CGTC.

Makupson says almost all students are eligible to apply and get some money knocked off of their semester bill. 

"It's important for us to do this because we really want to see our students achieve. We really want to see them get to their next level in their education so that they can start successful careers and be impactful to our economy," Makupson said.

Incoming Industrial Systems student, Griffin Crowder, was getting ready to pay nearly $2,000 for his first semester. 

He walked away paying $0 because he was eligible for the program. 

"It feels so amazing. I mean, it helps out myself and other people that aren't so fortunate to have the financial aid to pay for college," Crowder said.

"First off, anyone that hears they don't have to pay tuition should throw their hands up, you know? It's time to get your education," Hogan said.

In order to be considered for 321GO!, you have to apply. 

Makupson says when you go to apply for financial aid on their website, all you have to do is check a box on the application. From there, you will find out how much money you are eligible for.

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