The Museum of Arts and Sciences welcomed Zuri the lemur to the family in May. She's a black and white ruffed lemur from Madagascar with a big personality.

We paid the museum a visit to see what she's been up to.

Since our last visit to see Zuri, Sharron Cornacchione with the Museum of Arts and Sciences says the lemur has aged beautifully.

"People that have seen her when we first got her will see how much she's grown," she said.

Zuri has a sleeping box waiting for her to live in at the museum, but Cornacchione says she isn't old enough to move in yet.

"She's still too little to go in here," she said. "This, in the future, will be where she stays at night, but right now, she's with us 24 hours a day."

The staff at the museum rotate taking the lemur home at night.

Zuri is now 17 weeks old.