A special guest stopped by a Jones County school on Monday to read to students.

Sandra Deal read to kindergarteners in Cheryl Ogle's class at Gray Elementary.

The voices of students rang throughout the halls of the school as Deal walked in with a purpose that extended beyond the sky’s limits – keeping Ogle’s love of literacy alive after she died suddenly a few weeks ago without a known cause.

She was a lover of books and a member in the Guardian Angel program, which supports local families in need.

The school has collected dozens of books through their wish list tree and several thousand dollars for Guardian Angels.

Fellow teacher Heather Jackson says she thinks Ogle is in Heaven and smiling down at all of the support.

“There were two families that we wanted to help before this happened and Cheryl was very concerned that we might not be able to do what we wanted to, so she would just be amazed at the amount of support we have received in her honor,” said Jackson.

Cheryl’s son Parker says he knows his mother is beaming ear to ear.

“She loved children’s books and children’s literature, so I know she’s up there smiling,” said Parker.

"We will continue to do everything we can to spread the good that she did," Jackson said.

To donate books to the school's library, visit Gray Elementary and pick a title from the tree.

Local Barnes and Noble locations will also have a list of books in store and online to donate after December 5.