Inside Chi-Chester's Gift's on Vineville, every necklace, picture frame and outfit waits for a home.

Customers sort through baby clothes and greeting cards, looking for the perfect item to wrap up.

But just three years short of a century in business, Chi-Chesters on Vineville is "calling it quits."

As time passed, manager Julie Sowell, says online shopping may have contributed to their decrease in sales.

"It's been like the long kiss goodbye," says employee, Yulynn Hightowwer. "I've been here about 38 years."

Hightower says she'll miss chatting with customers from behind the cash register, like Yara Kabbani.

"I just have always loved the people here, they're so friendly," says Kabbani. "This is just such a pretty store, I hate to see it close."

So as the shelves begin to clear, and the lights go out, Sowell says they'll always be thankful for their time on Vineville Avenue.

"I'm going to miss getting to talk to everybody, and getting to see everybody," says Sowell.

Sowell says they plan to close the store at the end of February. All merchandise is on sale for 40% off.