According to the G.B.I., police are arresting more people in Georgia for child exploitation. In 2015 they made 201 arrests, and in 2016, they made 275 arrests. GBI Agent, John Harrell, says social media is contributing to the growing problem in Georgia.

Harrell says most cases the G.B.I. sees begins from children talking with predators through social media. “They'll keep trying until they get what they want,” says Harrell.

Corporal Tania Clausen, says she has noticed the same problem in Bibb County.

“The kids may not know at that time that this is what their plan is, but once they get their hooks in them they get them there,” says Clausen. She says Bibb county affiliated with the GBI on child exploitation cases about a year ago. Since they joined forces, Clausen says they have found more cases.

Harrell says he believes the growing number of cases could be because of the G.B.I. affiliating with other agencies and putting more efforts towards child exploitation.

“Anytime you have more eyes and ears more hands working on the problem, you’re going to see the result of that increase work,” says Harrell.

Harrell says this website, is a good resource for parents and children to learn how to be smart online.