WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — With three city council seats up for grabs, Warner Robins is gearing up for an election.

As qualifying nears its conclusion, we wanted to know what potential voters' priorities were heading into campaign season, so we asked them.

"I think we would benefit from more parks or amenities for the youth," said Juan Font of Warner Robins.

"Recreation department, we're going to get traveling teams and stuff," said Gloria Johnson of Warner Robins.

"I think they're doing well by having some parks for families," said Michael Rumsey. He lives in Houston County but works on Robins Air Force Base.

It's clear from their responses a lot of people want to see continued growth for Warner Robins' Parks and Recreation.

However, with three city council seats up for grabs this year, it wasn't the only thing people were interested in.

Michael Rumsey, the Robins employee, said he'd like to see more job development in the city.

"Prepping people to get jobs on base and improve [sic] the industry around the base," he said.

Rumsey also said he was concerned about empty storefronts and rundown buildings in the city, something Gloria Johnson echoed.

"Our blighted areas are what I'm concerned about," she said. "They get overlooked a lot."

Juan Font said support for Warner Robins police was near the top of his priority list.

"Security is a big concern always," he said.

Johnson reiterated many of these points, but said something else topped her list.

"Honesty," she said. "Gotta have some integrity now."

Warner Robins city council posts 2, 4, and 6 are up for grabs this election cycle. Qualifying for candidates ends Friday.

Warner Robins isn't alone in Houston County. 

According to a post on the Centerville city website, Centerville will hold two city council races this year.

According to the Houston County Board of Elections, the City of Perry will have four city council races and a special election for the mayor's seat.

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