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'It's pretty busy': City of Perry installs cameras to clock school zone speeders

Enforcement is only during school hours, the first ticket will cost $75 dollars, and the money collected from violations circles back to Perry police department.

PERRY, Ga. — Around several of Perry's schools, cameras will now snap your photo if you're driving more than 10mph over the speed limit.

"It's pretty busy. It’s almost like a stop light should be in this area. I know that sounds kind of weird but with the speeding that goes on in this area, it’s not weird," Izille McDonald explains. 

McDonald lives just feet away from Tucker Elementary, where the city has installed 2 automated school zone enforcement cameras. 

The goal is to slow down school zone speeders.

"It's a big concern, just like any other parent you know, you're very mindful of it. I pay very close attention to my boys when they're outside playing simply because of that," McDonald said. 

New signs will warn drivers of the school zone speed limit, and the cameras will identify speeding vehicles near Tucker and Morningside Elementary, Mossy Creek Middle, and Perry High, which are some of the city's most traveled zones. 

"Traffic fatalities for children from 5-14, traffic fatalities are the number one killer of those children. So what we really want to do is draw attention to our school zones, encourage people to slow down and not be in a hurry in that time," Perry’s mayor explained. 

Here's what you need to know about the new system:

Enforcement is only during school hours, the first ticket will cost $75 dollars, and subsequent violations will cost $125.

The money collected from violations circle right back to the Perry Police department. 

“All the money that is collected will go towards law enforcement. It can go towards different law enforcement activities or it could go toward hiring additional school resource officers," the mayor said.

The city will be issuing warnings until August 31st.  Perry Middle School and Matt Arthur Elementary School have cameras, but they aren't active until the city gets approval from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Walker says Red Speed, the company that provides the cameras, will get a percentage of the money from citations for upkeep and supplying the equipment.


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