Perry's city manager says they've turned off the water at an apartment building because the owner won't allow them to inspect it.

City manager Lee Gilmour says this is the latest step in their years of wrangling with the owner of the Crossroads Apartments on Gen. Courtney Hodges Blvd.

Gilmour says the city water department shut off the water Oct. 1 because the owner "has not fulfilled the steps to get the site permitted" -- including an inspection.

"He's been advised a number of times," said Gilmour.

County tax records say the complex is owned by a Bonaire company, MG Entities, whose registered agent is Miriam Green.

Gilmour also said Warner Robins attorney Clarence Williams has represented the owner; Williams did not return our phone call.

Gilmour says the city does not plan to evict the residents and it's up to the city board of health to decide whether living in the apartments without water is a health hazard.

Four years ago, the owners and Perry officials engaged in another legal standoff.

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In February 2014, the city tried to shut it down and evict the people living there due to alleged health and safety deficiencies, including electrical problems.

But a judge ruled people could stay until repairs were made.

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At the time, the city said the Crossroads housed 16 families. They said the complex is a former motel and that was still legally listed as a hotel rather than apartments.

County tax records say the complex -- 12 motel-style units on a 1.4-acre lot -- are valued at $200,000.