No one wants to go to the emergency room -- it’s usually an urgent last resort.

Leaders at the Coliseum Medical Centers in Macon say they're better prepared to care for all types of patients who come through their doors.

“We don’t want people waiting in our ER waiting room, we want them to get back and be able to see a provider quickly,” Chief Operating Officer Todd Dixon said.

According to the hospital, their average wait time now is less than 10 minutes, and they want it to be less. Dixon says they intend to accomplish that while growing the number of patients they see each year. That's about 55,000 annually.

“Our ERs have seen a lot of expansion in the number of patients that we see year-over-year, so we need to increase the capacity, too,” Dixon said.

To do that, they'll add five patient rooms and expand the ambulance bay. It will soon be able to handle six at a time. Dixon say they’re also adding a CT scanner.

One of the biggest additions is a new helipad right outside of the ER doors.

“We currently do have arrangements for about a block away,” Dixon said. “The helicopter will land, and then the ambulance will bring them over. This will allow the stretcher to meet helicopter just a few feet away and bring them right into the ER.”

They say more patients and more options will provide improved quality care.