The Monroe County Fine Arts Center had its grand opening in January starting out with just school productions, but the center has opened its doors to professional talent as well.

Nicole Butler met up with a hometown band that hopes to pack the performing arts center next week.

You may have heard of the Trey Teem Band -- they are a band born and raised in Monroe County whose dreams have just come true. This Friday, the band will be opening for none other than Jason Aldean.

"I mean, I think every kid picked up a guitar at 13 and imagined playing at a Centreplex or an arena or somewhere like that, and getting the chance to do that is awesome. We can't wait," Trey Teem exclaims.

His brother, Clay Teem, says when the band started up, it was slow, to say the least, thinking this success might never come their way.

"We'd have shows about every 4 months, but we would practice every Thursday until 2 in the morning, so I don't know what we were practicing for, but thank God we practiced," Clay says.

But six years later, the hard work has finally paid off and they are hitting the ground running.

On August 19th, they have booked their own concert at the Monroe County Fine Arts Center.

All of the band members attended Mary Persons High School and say they are grateful their first big headliner gig is in their own backyard.

"All of those things I shouldn't have done in high school were done in Forsyth and in Monroe County, so it's definitely got a hold on me," Trey says.

According to Patrick Hamilton, the event coordinator at the center says for most shows, they fill up about half the seats, but he hopes by booking more professional talent like Taylor Hicks and the Trey Teem Band they can pack the house and fill up all 1,200 seats.

"I really think it's going to grow this arts community and be extremely beneficially to all of us here in Monroe County," Hamilton says.

Hamilton encourages everyone to come and rock out with the band whose heart belongs to this community.

Again, the Trey Teem Band is playing on August 19th at the Monroe County Arts Center, tickets are $10 for students and $15 for adults.

But if you can't wait to see what the center has to offer, this Saturday, a Beatles tribute band called The Return will perform at 7:30. The opening act will be our own Nick Malloy.

Nick says since his car accident five years ago, he's been trying to put back the pieces with his music.

He says all the support from the community over the last couple years motivates him to keep following his dreams.

So when Nick was approached to open for The Return, he jumped at the chance.

"It's, I mean, overwhelming because I love settings like this and I'm used to playing in bars and stuff like that, but to be in a theater... actually, I think it's my first time playing by myself in a theater like this in the past few years, so it's going to be fun," Nick says.

Nick will perform starting at 7:30 this Saturday at the Monroe County Fine Arts Center. Tickets are $20.